M2M Activity Monitor

    1. 15 for 15 Activity Monitor Details
    2. Doing activity during the work day has been shown to reap many benefits such as increased productivity, heightened alertness, improved mood, sparked creativity, and a host of health improvements.

    3. 15 for 15 is geared at increasing work day activity by tracking your progress. People  stick to an activity program if they are being monitored.

    4. We are just asking for 15 minutes of either formal exercise or informal activity. Formal exercise is planned physical activity like walking on a treadmill, doing an exercise class, or going out for a walk (see list below). Informal exercise is doing extra stairs, walking between buildings instead of driving, or standing at your workstation*.

    5. *One hour of standing at your workstation = fifteen minutes of formal exercise. So try a standing meeting or try to stand 5-10 minutes every hour.

    6. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes a day of planned activity can benefit your cardiovascular health. This program makes sure that you get those 15 minutes during the workday as part of a break or at lunch time. This does not mean that you shouldn’t do more before and after work we just want you to add a spark to your health by adding some to your workday.

    1. Fitness Made Simple-Most can be done in street clothes.

    2. Formal Exercise at BMS Fitness Room

    3. • 5-15 Minutes

    4. Stretch out

    5. Walk on Treadmill

    6. Ride Bike

    7. Use Elliptical

    8. Do 1 or 2 Body Parts of Resistance Training

    9. Perform a back care routine

    10. Perform a core routine

    11. • 10-20 Minutes

    12. Sufficient Cardio Workout

    13. Complete Weight Training Circuit

    14. Fast Personal Training Session

    15. •15-30 Minutes

    16. Full Cardio Workout

    17. Any Exercise Class

    18. Complete Personal Training Session

    1. How does it work: On a large chart outside the fitness room all those who are participating will be listed. You can create
      you own icon or code name to make it fun and to remain anonymous (only appropriate icons). Next to your name or icon you will get a row that has 15 weekly squares. During each week you will check off how many times you did your daily physical activity on your weekly square. Hopefully there will be 5 checks in your weekly square (see example). It is up to you to place your checks. The chart being outside the fitness center will create added activity for many just to get to it; that can be 5 minutes of extra daily activity.

    2. Monitoring:

    3. If you would like monitoring to stay on track we can email you when you have not been consistent.

    4. How to Start:

    5. You can email us with your icon or code name. Tell us if you want to be monitored as well. fittec@me.com


Weeks       1            2

    1. Length:

    2. We will run this program for 15 weeks in order to instill a habit and may repeat to keep people going. 


Joe Runner

    1. Informal Exercise at BMS Parking 100 yards further than usual equals 2-3 minutes a day of extra activity.

Added walking between buildings is 5-10 minutes a day of extra activity.

Walking an extra flight of stairs equals 1-2 minutes a day of extra activity.

    1. 1 hour of standing at your workstation = 15 minutes of formal exercise.

    1. Looking for Captains:
    2. If you are into fitness already, like helping people, or just like telling other people what to do, then how about being a captain. Your name will be boldly listed above your team on the activity monitor chart. 

    3. Responsibilities: Try to get as many people signed up and help keep them motivated with the program.

    4. Email Chris if you would like to be a captain at fittec@me.com.