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Physical fitness is the ability to handle work stress and daily tasks without becoming fatigued. It’s a state of overall vitality, related to, but not a measure of athletic ability.

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This Web Site is produced by Chris Morin MS. M.Ed. AHFS. He intended the site to be an educational source for anyone interested in the diverse areas of exercise science and fitness. The content presented in this Web Site represents the opinion of the Chris Morin. The material found throughout IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR DIRECT AND PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL CARE AND OPINION. NONE OF THE SUGGESTIONS MENTIONED IN THIS WEB SITE SHOULD BE PERFORMED WITHOUT CLEARANCE FROM YOUR PHYSICIAN.


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Individual to Team Approach 
This term describes how FitTec brings wellness to a corporate site. We like to start at the individual level by having all employees interested in wellness to go through a basic health & fitness assessment or health and fitness coaching session. Working at the individual level allows us to identify what an employee is most in need of and steer them into one of our programs or develop one for them. After engaging an employee we can typically get them to participate in one of our team programs (fitness training, body work, motivational programs, wellness lectures, or fitness classes). Often these employees will spur others to participate which creates a team environment.

FitTec Advocates the Harvard Healthy Plate, USDA MyPlate, and the myfitnesspal on-line tracker (click links below). .


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