Hello to BMS from FitTec



Start letter from FitTec

To all Devens/Cambridge BMS employees

We are here to help you meet your fitness goals and improve your overall health, both body, mind, and spirit.

We are all about energy at work, home, or play; building it and maintaining it throughout your day.

We will do this in a wide variety of ways from varied body work, multiple coaching strategies, and a variety of classes.

We offer programs for everyone and every body.

We are all about exercise consistency, safety, and improvement as well as following best practices in health & wellness.

FitTec has worked with clients of varying abilities and challenges, from people recovering from stroke, those under going cancer treatment and post treatment, those with diabetes, paralysis, fibromyalgia, autism, Down’s syndrome, and varying types of orthopedic issues and post cardiac rehabilitation patients, as well as athletes and those who never thought about exercising.

We are excited to work with you.

Remember a little exercise can go a long way. You don’t have to work that hard to gain some significant benefits. No pain, no gain is not the FitTec way. Effort and consistency is the FitTec way.


Jennifer Morin M.S.. L.M.T. and Chris Morin MS, M.Ed. CMES, CHC, EXPS

Have a question please email us.