FitTec’s Web Coach is designed to motivate and support you with your training, right from the very beginning. 

This service is designed for our corporate members who can not get to us all the time. 

Whatever your goal, whatever your level, and whatever question we will try to help you through this online service.

We have been servicing clients for many years through the web (training videos and our question and answer page) and via motivational emails, but decided to put it all together recently into a webpage. We will direct you with our own advice or direct you to other sites for additional information. 

If you can’t get to us regularly and want us to guide and monitor you through weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly personal emails this service is for you. We will even have weekly times when you can call in; right now they are M, W, F from 10:30-11:30 @ 508-229-2007.

Where to start.

Easy as 1,2,3 Go!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1.Come and see us in person or fill out our questionnaire and send it back to us ( see questionnaire FitTec Quest-PDF.pdf)

  2. 2.We will then evaluate you (see types of evaluations) or we will recommend some tests so you can do it yourself through some simple measures (see simple tests-Fitness Test Simple.pdf). This along with your input will help us determine reachable goals.

  3. 3.We will then design a program (exercise and diet recommendations) that you can live with.

After starting program we will check in with you once a week.

You may have to write down what you have been eating and/or doing regarding exercise.

After a defined period of time we will reassess where you stand to make changes or have you stay on the same program.

At any point you are welcome to email us or come and see us directly. Again, we will also have phone hours each week for you to call us directly; right now they are M, W, F from 10:30-11:30 am @ 508-229-2007..

Even though this is not face to face service this pact requires the same commitment.