“Know Your Body”

Year Long Campaign 

A program designed to get employees to take ownership of their body by understanding it through simplified tests. These series of simple monthly tests can be done by appointment as well as throughout the year.

Throughout the Year Title: Assess and Regress Stress - Vital Signs/Stress levels - Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Breathing Pattern, Muscle Tension, & Posture.

January Title: Know your Anthropometrics- Body composition - Height & Weight Chart, Body Mass Index, Limb Circumferences, Frame Size

February Title: Know your Body Fat-Simple skinfold caliper test

March Title: Control your COG- Balance

April Title: Maximum Effort - Muscle Strength

May Title: Feel the Burn - Muscle Endurance

June Title: Core Essentials - Core Assessment

August Title: Stretch with Purpose 1 - Neck and Shoulder Flexibility 

August Title: Stretch with Purpose 2 - Mid and Lower Body Flexibility 

September Title: Stand Tall for Health - Posture

October Title: Peak Oxygen - Aerobic capacity - Field Test (ie Rockport Test)

November Title: Move Right - Movement Screens

December Title: Walk with Purpose- Gait Screens