AFTA Introduction


AFTA is FitTec’s Evaluation Service.


The American Fitness Testing Association founded in 2001-2014 was an evaluation provider for certified FitTec associates and approved fitness professionals and for those looking to be evaluated. AFTA's personalized analysis and outside evaluator motivated clients toward safe, effective, and consistent exercise. It consisted of 30 trainers coast to coast. Currently it continues to answer questions and provide resources concerning fitness and wellness evaluations.

The American Fitness Testing Association (AFTA) developed a series of highly informative evaluations served personal training clients and gym members. Testing answerd many fitness and physique questions. While aiding fitness development it acted as a motivational tool increasing member retention. Currently hey act as a resource at the individual level.

Who is the Evaluation For?

There were evaluations for every body.


Anyone starting or currently within a general fitness program, which includes most clients and members.


Those who strength train consistently with basic exercises for at least 6 months.

Physique * Very Unique      

Those who have been resistance training for an extended period and want to take their body's shape to the next level by training and dieting harder than they have in the past.


Those who work with the power lifts on a regular basis for at least 12 months.


Anyone who works with body resistance exercises on a regular basis, such as dips, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and box jumps.


Those who perform aerobic exercises on a regular basis.

New for 2020 I am Program- I am Healthy, I am Fit, I am xFit

The Reason for AFTA?

There are many health facilities and exercise instructors serving the fitness community across the United States, as well as numerous certifying bodies offering health and fitness education. Even with their professional guidance, clients and members are slipping through the cracks of well run facilities by not being fully served.

Most individuals who train at health clubs and gyms face the problem of not having an idea of what is happening to them physically. They most likely have numerous questions, such as:

Where did I physically start from?

Is my training program working?

What’s my fitness level?

What’s my strength or aerobic capacity?

Another problem is most individuals don’t get recognition for their fitness, strength, and physique pursuits. There are many strength events, road races, and fitness competitions, but they only serve an elite few.

There needs to be an avenue for individuals to receive recognition for their fitness development without having to get up on stage or enter a large athletic arena. Dedicated exercise professionals want to be at the forefront of the latest techniques, workout systems, and exercise equipment to improve client performance, attract new clients, increase retention, and create new revenue. Dedicated exercisers want to assess their progress in their physical training and to set health and fitness goals.

AFTA fulfilled these needs.