Corporate Fitness Training


How do you get started working with a FitTec trainer?

It’s simple.

First make an appointment via email

Then fill out our questionnaire.

Finally make sure you make it to the appointment with completed questionnaire.

What typically happens the first session?

A fitness evaluation typically occurs at the first session. If you don’t want to be evaluated we can give you an overview on how to use the equipment and/or how to train properly.

See an example of a fitness evaluation. Fitness Evaluation-pdf.pdf

What’s the purpose of a fitness evaluation?  Fitness evaluation determines the level of health-related fitness components (body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and aerobic capacity). A state of adequate physical fitness is the ability to handle undo stress and daily occupations without becoming fatigued. It’s a state of overall vigor and vitality, related to, but not a measure of, athletic ability.

Who’s the test for?  Anyone starting or currently within a general fitness program.

When does testing occur?  Before beginning a program and then every 3 to 6 months.

What are the type of tests?  Resting heart rate, mid-body flex, upper-body flex, skin-

folds, arm curls, squats, push ups, crunche
s, exercise heart rate on step or bike or treadmill.

What does the client get?  A full ranking on all of the tests, plus an

overall score that will determine the fitness level that they have achieved for fitness. FitTec

will also include a data readout of their estimated % body fat, VO 2 max, muscular age,

cardiovascular age, as well as MET training levels, heart rate ranges, and suggested training poundage for several general strength exercises.

How long does the test take?  Testing takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

What to wear? Make sure you where workout wear.

FitTec supports, motivates, and advances using its own nationally recognized integrated system based on the latest trends and best techniques in functional, therapeutic, and performance training.

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All of our training starts with our Health Questionnaire.

See Example

FitTec Quest-PDF.pdf

From there we design a program based on the employee needs.

All employees who have been cleared by health services and/or FitTec can have an opportunity for an evaluation and orientation, thereafter they would have access to one of our trainers through classes, the web, and training sessions during times we are performing other duties on site.