FitTec’s Health Coaching


Here is where a certified health coach comes in.

A certified health coach can help you on your journey to wellness. 

  1. Body composition improvement

  2. Blood pressure control

  3. Cardiovascular improvement

  4. Weight management

  5. Exercise and Activity mentoring

  6. Lipid management  

  7. Nutrition mentoring

  8. Blood glucose control

  9. Smoking cessation

  10. Stress reduction programming

  11. Personal energy development

  12. Relaxation techniques

  13. Posture education

  14. Ergonomics assessment

Health Coaches also help clients adopt a healthy lifestyle through different strategies

  1. Personal assessments

  2. Barrier identification

  3. Goal setting

  4. Monitoring

  5. Lifestyle roadmap

  6. Behavior change

What can FitTec Health Coaches do?
Lifestyle coaching
Nutrition Mentoring
    Diet assessments and accepted
Weight Loss Programming
Stress Management and Relaxation Guidance
Behavior Change Programming
What can a FitTec Fitness Professionals do?
Health Screening
Evaluate body composition, aerobic capacity cardiovascular status, muscular ability, core status, posture, movement assessment, flexibility, and more.
General Fitness Programming
Athletic Conditioning
Special Population Fitness
Pre and Post Rehabilitation
Activity Guidance

Health Coaching

A Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health habits and choices. Health Coaches lead and support clients to achieve their wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior modifications.

FitTec Health Coaches utilize a systematic, multi-disciplinary program that has something for every body (see program).

Use a Health Coach to get Healthier. Use a Health & Fitness Specialist to get Fit (see below) or use both to get the most results.

See the difference