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Detailed conversation of where you stand with your health and where you want to go. Includes questionnaires and one on one coaching.

Nutrition Mentoring

This is a continuous program since sound nutrition practices are not made in a day. Through food logs, sound information, and coaching individuals are lead to sound nutrition knowledge following accepted recommendations. A several page report will be included as well as multiple educational resources will be used.

Daily Physical Activity Mentoring

As with nutrition mentoring this is a continuous program since daily physical activity is hard to achieve. Through exercise logs, sound information, and coaching individuals are lead to sound physical activity, both simple formal exercise (example: planned walks) and informal physical activity (example:standing at your workstation) following accepted recommendations.

Body composition

Through this assessment you will gain great insight of where you stand in terms of body fat, lean weight, circumferences, suggested weight, ideal weight, etc. A several page report will be included. This is a must with any weight loss or exercise program.

Cardiovascular Health

Simple measures of blood pressure, heart rate, and distal blood flow describe your health a lot. Also certain questionnaires that are used aid in determining your overall heart health. If you want to take your heart heath further have your aerobic capacity measured.

Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic exercise in some shape or form is crucial for overall health. But where to start and where you have gone is hard to know. This detailed evaluation will help you determine your initial aerobic level and how hard and for how long you need to get to your goal. A several page report will be included.


One’s posture can affect breathing energy, and pain. An understanding of how you literally stand and sit could help you fight off disease and disorders. A several page report will be included as well as multiple educational resources will be used to help you improve your posture through simple strategies and techniques.

Movement Assessments

Physical therapist and athletic trainers have a variety of movement assessments to determine if there are movement problems and as a way to denote movement improvement. These simple techniques will help us determine a potential problem before it has occurred. Why have pain or loss energy from how you move if you can correct it before it starts by knowing how your body moves. A simple example is moving your arms above your hand while having your back against the wall. In this case your hand should touch freely without an exaggerated motion. If it does certain muscles need to be stretched while others need to be strengthened through simple techniques.

Gait Assessments

Different from the movement assessment this program will help those who want to walk and run better through a simple gait analysis. Improper walking or running styles can do more harm than good. Sometimes suggestions will be made to get shoes fitted due to altered foot strides.

Stress Levels and Management

Got stress! Who doesn’t. Believe it or not some stress is actually good for us; it builds or bodies and makes them more resistant. But a problem starts from too much stress or when stress is not accounted for. How we perceive stress is equally as important. Here is where this program comes in. Through questionnaires and simple strategies we will help you with this fluid program make stress work for you.

Relaxation Techniques

One of the simplest health improvements you can do is learn individual relaxation techniques through this training program. First will will assess your level of relaxation and then teach you simple strategies on how to achieve a relaxation response. Multiple educational resources will be used.

Work and Home Ergonomics 

How you physically work at home or on the job can dramatically impact your health. Through the study of work postures and how one lifts and bends, pushes and pulls, and rotates a lot can be found out. This is an educational program that will make you more solid physically for work at home and on the job.

Personal Energy

Need more personal energy? Who doesn’t. Sit down with the health coach to discuss when your energy is at it lowest and when you need extra energy through this one on one coaching session. As with some of the other programs this is an on-going, fluid program.


You know it but read it again; sleep is crucial for your health. Sit down with the health coach to discuss how well you sleep and for for how long. Discuss strategies to make it better through this one on one coaching session that like some of the other programs is an on-going, fluid program.

Other Programs

Our fitness specialist can also measure your balance, strength, core ability, muscular endurance, and flexibility before you start formal exercise.

Formal Exercise Programming

As with nutrition and daily physical activity mentoring this is a continuous program since formal exercise has many working parts. “Starting Where a Person is At” is the FitTec way. We will develop a plan based on how much time you have and what capacity you at. This fluid program will evolve as you change. Considering we have to understand where your starting from initial testing may need to be done to determine a baseline and to develop a program from.