FitTec’s Fat Loss Program


Health Coaching

A Health Coach Directed Fat Loss Program for Life
Designed by FitTec

Manageable and Personalized

Value Engineered

Proven Success at the Corporate Level

This program is a healthy fat loss program supervised by Chris Morin a Certified Health Coach. 

Chris of FitTec designed this program due to being frustrated with all the weight loss fads that leave people gaining all their weight back and/or less healthy when they started.

Chris has been using this program at the Corporate Level for several years. 

It combines healthy dietary information with weekly measures, physical activity and dietary log-in, and support. 

You do not need to be a member of FitTec or be from the area. The program is designed to be done on-line as well as in person.

This program goes beyond weigh-ins, we consider important measures such as waist circumference, abdomen fat thickness as well blood pressure, blood lipids and sugar levels, aerobic fitness, and monitored activity. 

Weight loss is important, but fat loss around the abdomen (visceral fat) is even more important. Visceral fat impacts blood lipids, sugar levels, and blood pressure more than any other physical attribute. 

This health coach directed program is designed to help people shed visceral fat, while preserving muscle and metabolic rate that rapid weight loss programs do not, while also improving your cardiovascular status. 

It is designed for life long success and heightened health. It is not a quick solution. 

Pounds of Fat Loss around the abdomen is more important than Fat Loss elsewhere. 

Initial cost: $50 includes all evaluations. Thereafter $40 a month for weekly monitoring. When certain benchmarks are made maintenance begins and the cost becomes $15 a month. 

How is this different from the FitTec Fitness Program and Multi-Disciplinary Health Coach Program? This program was designed to help people who do not have the desire or the time to build a high level of fitness and wellness knowledge with FitTec through training or a multi-disciplinary health coach system, but want to get healthy the right way through fat weight reduction. Understand the difference through this link (understand the difference). 

Lifestyle Inventory
We take into consideration all aspects of your life and try to meet you where you are at and build a program from there. Use this questionnaire to determine health and lifestyle. Lifestyle and Health-History Questionnaire

Nutrition Evaluation
We have unique ways to understand how you are doing regarding your diet. You can either write 1-7 days of what you eat or take a pictures with your phone or camera and report it to us. We will then give you an understanding of what needs to be changed through our nutrition evaluation report. Nutrition Evaluation.pdf

Our Program is different because we take into consider other biomarkers besides body weight.

body weight

blood pressure

waist circumference

abdomen fat thickness

blood pressure 

resting and recovery heart rate

aerobic capacity

blood measures - (cholesterol and sugar levels) in conjunction with your health care providers. Being a certified medical exercise specialist Chris can help you design a program that will help you improve your blood profile. 

Detailed Reports
FitTec uses its own Body Composition and Aerobic Status Evaluation Reports to help you understand your real progress. Weight does not report the complete picture. Our evaluations are very thorough and give you a clear understanding of how you are progressing. 
See Example of Report 1. Body Composition Tests.pdf
See Example of Report 2. Aerobic State.pdf

Weekly Reporting
You must report your progress weekly either in person or through email. Weekly monitoring works especially if it is being monitored by a professional. Click on Record Food Diary Record.pdf

How to Start - See FitTec Fat Loss Program Steps
or EMAIL FitTec at to start