FitTec Fat Loss Program Steps


A Health Coach Directed Fat Loss Program for Life

On-line or In-Person Program

  1. 1. Lifestyle Survey filled out
    Use this questionnaire to determine your health and lifestyle. Lifestyle and Health-History Questionnaire

  1. 2. Weigh-In

  1. 3. Body Measures Determined

  1. 4. Aerobic Status Determined

  1. 5. Dietary Evaluation Determined

  2. 6. Logs - Start food and activity logs-send logs to health coach for evaluation at

Use Your Own Logs or Trackers or use ours

Food Diary Record.pdf

Activity Plan & Log

  1. 7. Helpful Surveys - Use one of our surveys to help your progress.

Food Frequency Chart-Use this questionnaire to determine what foods you eat frequently and what foods that you may need to eat more of. Food-FrequencyQuestionnaire

Weight Loss Readiness Quiz-A great place to start your weight loss journey is by taking this short informative quiz. ( WeightLossReadinessQuiz.pdf

  1. 8. Report-In

Once a week report your activity level, food intake, and body weight and any general information you would like to share.

  1. 9. Lose fat and Move More!

  1. 10. Re-evaluate