FitTec’s Health Coaching


FitTec Health Coach

A FitTec Health Coach will help you on your path to wellness through a systematic plan built on one on one coaching.

FitTec Health Coaches utilize a systematic, multi-disciplinary program that has something for every body (see program). FitTec also has a systematic plan for Fat Loss (see program).

Use a Health Coach if you are looking to get healthy and lose weight, but not interested in a fitness program right now. Health Coaches lead and support clients to achieve their wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior modifications. To gain a higher level of Fitness use our use our Fitness Coach Program see Fitness Coaching Program.

Two Health Coach Programs

Health Coach Fat Loss Program

Health Coach Multi-Disciplinary Program

FitTec Health Coach Program Focuses on 4 Major Outcomes


    To Improve Overall Physical Well-being


    To Increase both Personal and Work Vitality


    Understand, Control, and Work with It


   Understand and Prevent it



Health Coaching