FitTec’s Dedicated Training

FitTec features dedicated, private individualized training.

The first facility to offer this approach.

What is dedicated training? Dedicated training is unlike typical gym training. It's where you'll have schedule workout times, a health screening and fitness evaluation, an individualized program designed for you, an area is set aside for your training, equipment is set up for you every time you come in, monitoring is happening as you are performing strength and aerobic training, adjustments will be made as needed, each session is different from the last, and there are follow ups with support before and after each workout. Supervised training is FitTec's main business.


    Your program is different from those training in the facility; loads, rest periods, and exercises. Don’t worry about what someone else is doing, worry about what you are doing.

What is a private training ? A private facility is only open to training clients. There are a limited number of clients enrolled where each has reserved spots in the schedule and within the facility. We have several training rooms and areas. The result is when a client comes in there's only the same few present and equipment is waiting set to go in a separate semi-private area.

The purpose of the program is to meet the individuals exercise needs of a limited clientele. A clientele who need the support, privacy, and consistency that a personal training facility offers.

Our success is based on the success of our clients. If our limited number of clients don't achieve their goals they won't come and we will be out of business. We don't have a revolving door policy here for we deal with each client as a high priority project.

We have no advertising budget, we rely on our clients to success as a referral source. Therefore,we need to succeed as much as our clients do.    

    Everyone matters, from the first time they enter to the time they leave.

FitTec is small and intimate but extremely well equipped, offering all the equipment you would find in a large health club including specialized apparatus. It isn't for everyone, but for those who are interested in achieving their wellness goals in a monitored, private, and secure environment then it's for them.

FitTec supports, motivates, and advances using its own nationally recognized integrated system based on the latest trends and best techniques in functional, therapeutic, and performance training.