FitTec Integrated Therapeutic Massage

FitTec Integrated Therapeutic Massage is a service provided to FitTec clients who may need or want additional ways to help them achieve complete overall wellness. Massage therapy not only helps muscle tissue relax it can also aid in recovery after exercise and injury. This can be done using several different modalities depending  on the client’s needs (integrated therapeutic massage). Achieving relaxation also improves blood flow and lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body allowing the client to improve overall well-being.

Mission Statement

At FitTec our mission is to empower the individual to gain better health and wellness through hands on training, therapeutic modalities, evaluations, and education. Our goal is to offer the convenience and accessibility of a complete wellness package under one team  We also strive to give our clients  the best product and value around.

Jennifer Morin MS, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Easy scheduling: Just email Jen at with a couple possible times THat YOU wish.


Chair Massage

Neuromuscular Technique


Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue             

Range of Motion 

PNF Stretching       

Myofascial Release

Positional Release


Pregnancy Massage

FITTEC CLIENT Pricing: At your Home or Corporation.

$ 70 :  Over 1 hour table massage or 2 in home chair massages.

$120 for Two- one hour table massages

• Choose from full table or chair.

• We come with all of our equipment and linens.

Easy scheduling: Just email with a couple possible times THat YOU wish.

Swedish Massage is a gentle, relaxing massage technique using soft, complete strokes.

Deep Tissue is more focus techniques on specific areas of the body. Deeper pressure may be used.

Neuromuscular Techniques are an excellent way to “reset” the nervous system. It is a very relaxing, light touch technique designed to relax the muscle tissue by relaxing the nervous system. It is a technique that helps “quiet” overactive muscle tissue.  


For additional information on modalities  please contact FitTec at