Fitness Classes


Class Descriptions

Mostly all the classes below can be performed in a well ventilated conference room with no conventional equipment.

Body Pump-NEW

DB, Band, Wall, Body weight exercises will be performed to tone all your body parts in a short period of time.

Circuit Training-NEW

Go from machine station to station toning and burning calories.

Stretch and Relaxation-NEW

This class is designed for all employees who feel they may have tightness and pain especially in the shoulder, neck and back regions. Each class will be a series of simple stretches and exercises designed to relieve the tension often felt in these areas. The class can be performed in your office clothes. Each class will end with 10 minutes of a relaxation technique designed to enhance the reduction of tension.


The above class without the stretching.

Fitness Walking

Join a group of supportive people as they go out and walk and do other fitness activities together with the trainer.

Body Flow

A steady blend of body motions that both stretches, strengthens, and stimulates the entire body. A great way to get energized and to rev up your metabolism.

Functional Training

In this class you will focus on exercises that involve training the body for activities performed in daily life.  You will enhance coordination, muscular strength and endurance.

Core Training

A series of exercises aimed at developing strength of muscles, ligaments, and bones in the abdominal and lower back areas. Increasing core strength allows the body to stabilize itself during all types of movements. Excellent class for preventing or reducing back pain.


Stretching and Yoga positions are performed to reduce stress and release muscle tension throughout the entire body.

Boot Camp

A full body cardio and strength workout.

A high calorie burning class.


A high calorie burning, high impact, interval class designed for those who have a moderate level of fitness. Not too crazy and of course not dangerous.