Health Coach Information 


Health Coaching

ACE and FitTec ASSESSMENT FORMS-Use these forms to help understand your body and for your health coach to understand you.


Health and Lifestyle-Use this questionnaire to determine your health and lifestyle. Lifestyle and Health-History Questionnaire 

Musculoskeletal Health-Use this questionnaire to determine if you have a musculoskeletal issue that may need to be addressed. 

MusculoskeletalHealth Questionnaire


Food Log-Use this food log to record what you eat so you and your health coach can talk about where things need to change. Food Log

Food Frequency Chart-Use this questionnaire to determine what foods you eat frequently and what foods that you may need to eat more of. Food-FrequencyQuestionnaire

Supertracker-Use this form to understand how to use Supertracker, which is a great on-line tool. Use SuperTrackerYour Way

Build a Healthy Meal-Use this page to understand in a simple way how to build a healthy meal. Build a Healthy Meal

Grocery List- Use this form to make a grocery list before you go to the store so that you make sure you stick with what you really need.Grocery List

Meal Planning- Use this weekly list to help plan your meals and stick with a plan. Those who plan stick with their diets.  Meal Planning

How many Calories in Drinks-Use this tool to understand how many calories are in various drinks.  Calories inYour Drink

Portion Size-Use this page to understand portion sizes Estimating Portion Size »


Weight Loss Readiness Quiz-A great place to start your weight loss journey is by taking this short informative quiz. ( WeightLossReadinessQuiz.pdf

Readiness to change-Use this questionnaire to determine your readiness to change. Readiness to ChangeQuestionnaire

Set Smart Goals-Use this page to set smart goals/ SettingSMART Goals

Transformation Worksheet- Use this page to start a transformation. A Personal Transformation Worksheet

Hunger Scale- Use this scale to rate your hunger in order to understand it and work with it. My Hunger Scale

High Risk Solution Use this worksheet to understand high risk situations. High-Risk SolutionsWorksheet


Exercise History-Lets learn about your exercise history with this questionnaire. Exercise History and Attitude Questionnaire »

Activity Log-Use this log to log in your exercise and to report your progress with Health Coach. Activity Plan & Log