Introduction and History


Introduction and History

FitTec opened its doors over 25 years ago.

At the time it was one of the first One-on-One Personal Training Facilities in the NorthEast.

Professional in the industry at the time thought it would not last, but they were wrong. Now there are as many training studios as there are gyms.

Since that time Chris Morin, the owner of FitTec and fitness innovator, has evolved with the times. He slowly shifted from a one-on-one approach, although it is still offered, to more of a semi-private approach to make sure his loyal client base could still come on a consistent basis and not be burdened by the cost. His rates have not changed over the 20 years. It is more about service, interaction, and quality than money with Chris at FitTec.

His facility reaches out to all people and geared for those who want a warm and safe environment with exceptional programming, those who have gone through physical therapy or other rehabilitation and need to go further, and those who want specialized instruction for their personal issue, sport, and other performance driven motivations. It is especially well designed for the aged.

Considering that most of what Chris does is so specialized his facility is programmed by him with help of a supporting staff (see staff).

He loves the daily interaction and the energy it takes to keep people progressing and motivated with their fitness plan.

Please join Chris if you want an exceptional exercise and health experience that will lead you towards life changing goals in a safe, friendly, and positively energized environment.