Productivity Assurance Program


How does it work?

Having a health & fitness team like FitTec does not just means wellness. From our

Ergonomic assessment and other evaluations assist employees to maximize productivity while decreasing the chance of work related injuries. These assessments help to identify problems with jobs and workstations and help employees identify personal weaknesses and limitations. Chair Massage and Body Work Program not only decreases stress and muscular tension but allows the individual to work with less stress and pain giving them more available personal energy. This is also true for our Shoulder, Neck, and back Care Program, Back to Work Physical Conditioning Program, as well as our our educational lectures and wellness classes which empower employees to make change through knowledge and personal techniques. More available personal energy through education and less stress and pain assures productivity.

wide selections of offerings we have services that are unique to FitTec that can help maintain and possibly improve productivity beyond our health & fitness services. Not many corporate fitness companies offer this service especially at our rates. * All the listed services do not require a dedicated space or equipment. We strive to prevent, reduce, and eliminate tension, stress, and pain in the workplace (see FitTec Productivity Plan).

Ergonomic Assessments: We will soon be able to perform an OSHA-compliant ergonomics analysis applicable in the industrial, healthcare, and office workplace. It allows us to identify potential hazards that contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Through using best practices, we can help in implementing cost-effective, high-impact solutions for prevention of workplace injury. This service delivers practical solutions for risk reduction and increased employee productivity.

Posture and Movement Assessment (Posture and Movement Assessment)

Posture plays an important role in a person's overall health.  It is generally an indicator, not a condition.  Because "normal" posture has been clearly defined over the years, poor posture can be an indication of muscle imbalance, or compensatory changes in the spine. Poor posture can lead to a host of problems. How a person moves is also and indicator of health; just the motion of walking and bending gives valuable information.

Flexibility Assessment (Posture and Movement Assessment)  Adequate range of motion of your body is essential to keep your body imbalance to avoid injury and to move efficiently. In this evaluation multiple muscles range of motion will be assessed to determine adequate range of morion and if dysfunction exists.

Lectures geared at productivity: Our productivity lunch & learns can be tailored to your sites needs. They center around three major themes; maintaining personal energy and avoiding fatigue, stress management, and desk and work site ergonomics. Some of our past lecture titles.

  1. The Fatigue Solution

  2. Stress Less for Life

  3. Desk Ergonomics and Exercises

  4. The Body Assessment: Know your body through better posture and motion

Chair Massage and Body Work Program: Many jobs places undue physical and mental stresses that places undue tension on ones muscles causing pain and dysfunction. Overtime this can hinder ones performance and morale. Chair massage and other body work has been shown through research to be a terrific avenue at relieving these stresses. Just 5 to 10 minutes can leave the employee feeling ready to go back to work, while weekly treatments has been shown in practice to reduce chronic muscular tension and blood pressure overtime. During this time health coaching can be occurring by our multidisciplinary staff. 

Back to Work Physical Conditioning (post-rehabilitation) Program: The FitTec staff came from rehabilitation backgrounds. We also have a physical therapist as an advisor. We understand that in order for injured employees to truly become 100% efficient they need to keep up with their rehabilitation exercises and physical conditioning after therapy. When insurance paid physical therapy ends it is up to the individual to keep up with their exercises. We are very accustomed in our practices in making sure recommended exercises are followed after physical therapy ends.

Shoulder, Neck, and Back Care Program: After 15 years of working in companies where employees have physical jobs we came to an understanding that fitness was just part of helping employees. We therefore made it a mission to understand the importance of preventing injuries and restoring function. We have developed several self-care videos and exercise plans that are simple, quick, and effective and easy to teach; all can done on site or at home with no significant equipment expense.

Wellness Classes Geared at Decreasing Stress and Preventing Injuries

Stretch and Relaxation

This class is designed for all employees who feel they may have tightness and pain especially in the shoulder, neck and back regions. Each class will be a series of simple stretches and exercises designed to relieve the tension often felt in these areas. The class can be performed in your office clothes. Each class will end with 10 minutes of a relaxation technique designed to enhance the reduction of tension.


The above class without the stretching and more meditation.


Simple and safe stretching and Yoga positions are performed to reduce stress and release muscle tension throughout the entire body in a 20-30 minute session.

Motivational Programs Geared at Increasing Energy

10 minutes a Day for Energy

This program is designed to commit employees to increasing daily physical activity. Participants need to perform 10 minutes throughout the day, which has been shown to increase energy and well being. Participants make checks on a chart located in a lobby or other visible area daily certifying they did their 10 minutes. Teams and captains can be put together to spur people on. This is a simple and effective program. FitTec will make weekly emails to those who have not been consistent.


pro·duc·tiv·i·ty [proh-duhk-tiv-i-tee, prod-uhk‐]


In business, a measure of worker efficiency.

as·sur·ance  /əˈSHo͝orəns/


A positive declaration intended to give confidence

energy |ˈenərjē|

noun ( pl. -gies)

1 the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.





The above program is not a guarantee of productivity, but FitTec will strive to make it happen.

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