Scope of work during during a corporate site stay (below is a more traditional fitness room example).

• Responsible for processing, collecting, and interpretation of fitness evaluations as well as posture, body composition, and range of motion assessments.

• Responsible for all health & fitness orientations.

• Work with those who have physical issues both muscular and cardiovascular in association with Health Services using a variety of techniques, such as chair massage (licensed therapist), PNF, focal stretching, self directed trigger point release, muscle energy, strain counter strain, self myofascial release (self-massage), stabilization and balance training, and RPE and heart rate education. 

• Work with Health Services at health fairs and on varied programs such as a program geared for those who have neck and shoulder issues due to workplace faulty postures and repetitive movement. 

• Teach group exercise classes; functional aerobics, core training, sculpt and tone, step, sport specific training, and yoga/fit classes etc. Classes can be implemented in a small footprint.

  1. Leads individualized strength and conditioning program for several people at a time.

• Lead “Back to Work” and post-rehab service for those coming back to work after injury and after being released from a physical therapy program. 

• Work with those who need individualized instruction on sport specific training and sports related nutrition.

  1. Teach basic wellness education classes-examples. 

    Food for thought

    Keys to Weight Loss

    Stress Less for Life

    Eat this not That

    The Truths about Fitness

    The Healthy Plate

    How to Stay Energized

• Implement corporate fitness motivational programs such as a “Biggest Loser Contest” or “Great Race Contest”.

• Website development and maintenance (site specific).

  1. Inspection of all equipment.  

• Manufacturer suggested maintenance of all equipment.

• Cleaning duties include cleaning and disinfecting of all equipment, handles, mats, and pads, and general pick up of entire gym area. 

  1. Supervision of the direct access for all employees to my question and answer educational website with e-mail interaction. 

• Coming soon-Ergonomic Assessments.