Starting a Corporate Wellness Program


First of all thank you for considering FitTec.

How to start a wellness program with FitTec.

  1. 1) Make an appointment with us via phone 508-229-207 or email

  2. 2) We will then come to you and describe our program and get a sense of the size of your site, wellness goals, and budget.

  3. 3) Most importantly we will ask what you are looking for in a wellness program.

  4. 4) We will then give you a questionnaire for your management team and/or employees to fill out to get a sense of what they would like in a wellness program.

  5. 5) With this information we will devise and then deliver an initial plan that meets all of the above criteria; you would then need to approve or change to your liking.

  6. 6) We would ask for a short term commitment (at least once a week for a 3 months), which will hopefully build into a yearly commitment.

  7. 7) The program will evolve as we get to know your site and as your site gets to know us.

We employ what we call an individualized to team approach to developing wellness at a site.

Individualized to Team Approach

This term describes how FitTec brings wellness to a corporate site. We like to start at the individual level by having all employees interested in wellness to go through one of our health & fitness assessments; some just take several minutes while others take no more than thirty minutes. Working at the individual level allows us to identify what an employee is most in need of and steer them into one of our programs or develop one for them. After engaging an employee we can typically get them to participate in one of our team programs (motivational programs, wellness lectures, or fitness classes). Often these employees will spur others to participate which creates a team environment.



Individual Program



motivational programs, wellness lectures, and fitness classes

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