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We are not just a Personal Training Center because we offer so much more.

Health Coaching    Nutrition Mentoring     Pre & Post Rehabilitation     Therapeutic Body Work


FitTec Individualized Wellness Center is designed to meet your individual goals in a state of the art facility using industry’s best practices. We integrate medical and performance fitness training with health coaching and therapeutic body work into all of our programs. We care more about your long term wellness than ill defined short term goals. 
11 Main St. Southborough Ma.

FitTec supports, motivates, and advances using the industry’s best practices in

wellness programming

and functional, therapeutic, and performance training.


11 Main St.

Southborough Ma.


Owner: Chris Morin MS, M.Ed. AHFS, CMES, CHC, XPS

Exercise Physiologist, Certified Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Performance Specialist, and Certified Health Coach

Jen Morin MS, LMT

Exercise Physiologist, Certified Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Fitness Instructor, and Licensed Muscle/Massage Therapist


If you are just looking to get in shape, get healthier, or your doctor or physical therapist recommended exercise or post-therapy we are the best solution for you.

We a bridge between Insurance Based Health Care and Mainstream Fitness

We strive to make health and fitness simple and safe so that it can be sustainable

The 3 Ss are the Keys to Success

Every program is tailored made for you and take place in a supportive, warm, well equipped environment

We build a whole body blueprint for you through our custom designed assessments.

All Health Coaching practices and programs integrate simple wellness practices into your life that work.

All individualized fitness training sessions are supervised from the time you enter to time you leave the facility. We set up everything for you, no lines or waiting, everyone has their own space to train.

They also include health coaching and nutrition mentoring, core conditioning, balance training, and therapeutic techniques

No Gimmicks or Quick Solutions

We know what Works

Value Engineered

3 Main FitTec Options

1. Health Coaching

- Lifestyle Change

Use a health coach if you are looking to get healthier, but do not have the commitment (desire, time, and energy) to start a full fitness program. A health coach can direct you on a healthier track in terms of nutrition, lifestyle, weight loss, stress, posture, sleep, and daily activity as well as how to improve health markers such as blood pressure, waist circumference, A1C ( a measure of blood glucose) and blood lipids (cholesterol, LDLs, and HDLs) using simple strategies and recommendations. 

2. Supervised Fitness and Medical Exercise Training

- Lifestyle Change, Fitness Change, Body Change Use an advanced health and fitness/medical exercise specialist if you want all the benefits of using a health coach, but also want to get more fit through increasing strength, endurance, balance, function, flexibility, and aerobic capacity, while improving body composition (the way you look) using a committed, supervised approach to fitness. All sessions occur at our state of the art facility or via onlie class or individual sessions.

3. Therapeutic BodyWork

- Reduce Muscle Tension, Restore Function, and Induce Relaxation Use a massage therapist to promote relaxation and reduce tension. Use assisted body work to restore function.