What is FitTec’s Training Center Like?


Training at its Best.

FitTec Training Center offers dedicated, individualized training.

Chris Morin's FitTec is located

at 11 Main St. in Southborough, Ma.


or email @ fittec@me.com

FitTec services are also located at several private corporate sites. 

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The purpose of the FitTec program is to meet the individuals wellness and exercise needs of a limited clientele. A clientele who need the support, privacy, and consistency that our facility offers. 

FitTec specializes in health & fitness programs for those with limitations and special needs as well as athletes and those looking to reach high levels of performance. 

FitTec clients median age is 55 years.

67% are women.   

FitTec supports, motivates, and advances using its own nationally recognized integrated system based on the best wellness practices and techniques in functional, therapeutic, and performance training.

Chris Morin is an exercise physiologist, advanced health & fitness specialist, health coach, ergonomics specialist, and formerly a sports nutritionist specializing in fitness testing, health coaching, therapeutic techniques, and physical conditioning programming. He has successfully designed programs, evaluated, and trained individuals for over twenty five years. As a fitness innovator he designed FitTec to satisfy the need for a personalized approach to health & fitness. See his credentials We Have Advanced Certifications

FitTec as a whole consists of a small, highly qualified team of fitness professionals. All have masters degrees and advanced certifications in exercise physiology and health & fitness with some having certifications in therapeutic muscle therapy and rehab techniques. They offer a variety of health & fitness services. Their programs can be performed in the home, corporate sites, as well as in their personal training facility in Southborough, MA. See Staff

FitTec's individualized training center is far different from most facilities. It's a private, extremely well equipped exercise area catering to the personal training needs of a limited number of clients; where each client has their own exercise area to train and focus in.

Unlike many franchise training facilities that either charge too much or offer generic, cookie cutter programs See Buyer Beware. FitTec tailors a program that is right for you. Programs are designed so that they can be done at our facility, another facility, or at home. We don’t box you into a set number of sessions or specific program durations or dates; we make your program work for you.

Documented Evidence of Success

Clients have reached high levels of fitness and experienced great exercise retention for the past 30 years. 

Our data has shown an incredible amount of fitness improvement can happen in a 3 month period with a very low drop out rate.

Fitness Improvements

Strength gains

> 50 % improvements small muscle groups

> 125 % improvements large muscle groups

Aerobic gains

> 15 % improvement

Body composition data shows a reduction of percent body fat from 28 % to 22 %, numbers based on female clients.

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We Have Advanced Certifications

Introduction and History

FitTec Dedicated Training Center

Warning! Think before starting a program

FitTec’s Pain Prevention Strategy

Individualized training at FitTec means supervised exercise and wellness instruction under the care of a highly qualified professional, Chris Morin, from the time a client enters the center to the time they leave. Chris focuses on clients' adherence, improvement, safety, and satisfaction. See Dedicated Training

It is all based on our in depth evaluation that goes beyond any other in the industry. From the evaluation a program is designed, which is unique and based on the individual’s biomarkers and goals (see evaluation page-evaluation).

Programs are designed to meet the needs of novice to elite exercisers, being an excellent starting point for the over weight, appearance conscious, those seeking specialized attention, and the aged.

Typical Session for a Healthy Adult

  1. Warm up-go over past days health history

  2. Stretch-Dynamic & Static, Self-release

  3. Resistance and Balance/Functional Training

  4. Core Training

  5. Base or Interval Aerobic Training

  6. Recover-Stretch-Static & Self-release

  7. Nutrition and Lifestyle Review

We aspire and have the expertise and experience to work with people recovering from injuries, those with certain diseases and disorders, and those who have no desire to exercise. See Injury Prevention

All trainers within the FitTec company have had experience working in rehabilitation centers and athletic training rooms.

Programs are designed to improve fitness at a gradual rate so that all bodily systems develop at a proper rate. We start you where your at versus where you want to be. This prevents injury and allows clients to progress with less stress; the end results is faster and more sustainable than all out programs that can do more harm than good.

Our Health Coach program was designed to get people healthy through a simple and safe nutrition and mild activity strategies. People pick this program when they are not committed to starting a formal fitness program.

To get started give Chris Morin's FitTec a call for an initial interview ( 508-229-2007 ). The initial interview is free of charge.

FitTec will try to be your fitness resource.

"My greatest pleasure is working with people who have never exercised before and with those who have physical limitations; as for athletes I can train you the right way."

Chris Morin