Possible benefits

Correct muscle imbalances

Improve joint range of motion

Decrease muscle soreness Decrease both acute and chronic pain

Decrease muscular hypertonicity

Increases connective tissue     extensibility

Increases efficiency

Increases function

Relieves joint stress

To advance the knowledge of MyoRelease a study was developed - see pdf Pilot Study addition.pdf

Multiple Uses


Rehab Facilities

Corporate Sites

Exercise Facilities


Overview and Patent by

Christopher Morin MS, M.Ed., AHFS

Exercise Physiologist and Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist

Protected by US Patent 8449438

See Patent Link

"The Revolve" is a working name.

You see myofascial releasing rollers everywhere gyms, offices, training rooms, athletic sidelines, and rehab centers. They are so popular that Walmart and Target sell them.

Rollers are considered an essential tool amongst trainers. The American Council on Exercise, a leading health & fitness certifying agency, recommends them as part of a restorative conditioning program.

Clearly simple and intuitive the Revolve allows you to use self myofascial releasing (massage) rollers in a standing or seated position at various heights. This design allows for the treatment of a greater number of body parts and easier pressure regulation which ultimately produces a better overall affect. It is great for athletes, the elderly, the injured, and frail; all of which have differing needs.

Get off the floor and stand tall with the Revolve.

Due to the ever increasing cost of health care there is a need for affordable solutions to manageable health problems. The Revolve can be an affordable and simple solution to muscular pain. It can also be used as a training and rehab tool. Read on or watch our short video or long video.


Highly Affective

Solves so many problems

Systems Benefits compared to Traditional Techniques

  1. New Techniques
    Working in a standing or seated position rather than on the floor provides a better solution to working more body areas at different angles with a variety of techniques and options.

  2. Options
    Due to its design with adjustable carriage a variety of massage, stretching, and functional training tools can be added for an overall therapeutic and performance affect.

  3. Graded Pressure
    When working in an upright position you control how much pressure easily.

  4. Better Control
    Beyond controlling the massage pressure you control your body position to where you want it through a variety of angles.

  5. Easier
    Working in a standing position makes it easier and more convenient than working on the floor.

Evolve with the Revolve

The Revolve is truly a unique device. It allows performance of standing self-muscular release ( also known as self-myofascial release and self-massage ) in a controlled manner, where it is the first device to offer adjustable foot to shoulder self-massage rollers (self-release). In many circumstances if someone has a muscle adhesion, also known as a knot, stretching will typically only work around the adhesion. Performing a self-release on the adhesion before stretching may allow for a complete stretch after the muscle has been released. The Revolve is the first device that allows self-release of adhesions in a standing position. Added to this the design of the Revolve can be used in the performance of standing stretches. The combination of self-release and stretching is a potent combination. Experience as shown that self-release in combination with a stretch may be more effective than traditional stretches in many individuals.

Stand Tall with the Revolve

The Revolve Standing and Adjustable Self Muscular Releasing and Stretching Device


Takes the Roller off the Floor

I think I’m on the right spot and am applying the right pressure.
I wish she could move a little further up and apply less pressure

The Revolve takes the guess work out of releasing and massaging muscle groups by both the therapist and client.