As a Fitness Coach I like my clients to strive to be Healthy first before seeking higher wellness goals. Once they reach the I am Healthy mark I suggest for most to reach for the Fit mark. But what does being Fit mean? Complete each test module and place a X in the Checkbox if you met the desired level (Fill Out this form I am Fit Form). If you fill in all the Checkboxes you have met my criteria of being FIT.  If you are concerned about a test because of orthopedic or a medical reasons email us for an alternative at If you did not meet a desired level on any of the tests read below to understand how to improve or work with the Wellness Team on a plan. All the tests are in the Gray Highlighted Boxes. Make sure you read the rules first, especially the one making sure that you are physically able to perform the test.


Health & Fitness Program (2)

I am HealthY I am Fit I am xFit

I am FiT Program

Do not do this program unless you agree to this waiver and. Fill Out this form I am Fit Form and send to See details of the tests below.

(see Walking Protocol Link)