Biggest Loser


Get healthy

Get in shape

Support a friend

Weight loss for life

Biggest Loser Spring 2013

Starts April 8, 2013

8 Week program

Team Weight Loss Competition

Compete for yourself and compete for a team

Support each other towards permanent weight loss.


Individual weight loss

Group (team) weight loss

Improved health and fitness

Build sense of community

Have some laughs.

Program Design

8 week program

Starts: Week of April 8th. Weigh in with Barbara or Weigh in April 2,3,5 with Chris or Jen at Fitness Center.

Totally Anonymous everyone will be assigned a code name. 

Weigh in officially at the fitness center or health center at the beginning. Every Monday or Tuesday weigh yourself and send us the results to our email address at At the end of the competition get officially weighed in again. 

If we don’t receive your weekly weight we will send you a friendly reminder. 


We will post weekly results on this webpage. No names or weights will be included, only percentage loss for your code name and team. 


Build a team or be put on one. 

Teams need to be at least 3 and no more than 6 people. 

You don’t have to be on a team to compete.

End of program

At the end the team and individuals (male and female) with the greatest loss percentage will win a prize. 

To start

To start email us at to be put on a team or put together a team and send us all the names and emails of your team members to Remember you don’t need to be on a team to participate.

    1. Looking for Captains:
    2. If you like helping people or just like telling other people what to do, then how about being a captain. You will get to name your team and will be the first one listed under your codename. 

    3. Responsibilities: Try to get as many people signed up and help keep them motivated with the program.  Email Chris if you would like to be a captain at

  1. Programs-FitTec can help you towards your goals

• FitTec can help you with your exercise program. See Jen at the fitness room. Go to webpage for her hours; its free and totally worth it.

  1. Try Yoga/Stretch to decrease stress or do the Core Class to tighten those Abs or try Boot Camp or the Cardio Circuit Classes to burn calories. Go to webpage for description.

  2. Go to webpage for diet programs

  3. Go to webpage for fat loss tips

  4. Get measured by FitTec, besides body weight have your body fat and waist circumference measured; it is more predictive of your health status.




WHY: American College of Sports Medicine Suggestions

The ACSM states that it is not necessary to achieve an optimal

weight to experience many health benefits. A slight amount of

weight loss of 5 to 10% of body weight are

associated with many health benefits, such

as reduction in blood pressure, increases in insulin sensitivity, and

improved blood lipids.

A Fun and Team Building Way Towards Weight Loss.

Biggest Loser Spring 2013

8 Week program


TL1 - Individual

Pass the Salad-Team

130 lbs. Loss as a Group.