FitTec’s Fitness Coaching and Training


A FitTec Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist will coach you on your path to wellness and a higher state of fitness while shaping your body through a systematic plan built on individualized coaching and training.

FitTec utilize a systematic, multi-disciplinary program that has something for every body (see program).

FitTec Health & Fitness Specialist Focuses on 6 Major Outcomes

in addition to the 4 Health Coach Outcomes (see link)

Body Composition

A Healthy Level of Body Fat that is considered Leaner than Average with a Low Waist Circumference

Aerobic State

A Healthy Aerobic State

at Rest and During Exercise


Balance and Efficiency of Skeletal Segments

from Head to Toe


More than Adequate Pain Free

Range of Motion throughout the Body 

Muscular Ability

More than Adequate Level of Strength and Endurance throughout the entire Body including the Core

Functional Ability

The ability to Move, Balance, Walk, and possibly Run efficiently and safely with fluid motion


Use a Fitness Coach/Trainer if your are looking to get healthier, more fit, and want to look better. This program goes beyond our Health Coaching Program.

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