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Invest in the Health and Wellness of Your Employees

Management of your employees’ health and wellness makes good business sense, while assuring productivity (see how) makes great business sense.

Decrease employee turnover, increase morale, reduce health care costs, and secure productivity with custom designed health & wellness programs from the professionals at FitTec.

FitTec's Corporate Health & Fitness Services

FitTec has been successfully in the business of corporate health & fitness for almost 20 years. FitTec has helped design varied wellness programs for numerous sites as well as many fitness floor plans; small to mid-size corporate sites are their specialty.

“You don’t need a dedicated space or large budget to have a corporate wellness program. You just need the motivation and imagination.”

Engineered Value

Focus on Small to Mid-Size Sites

Servicing Small Budgets

FitTec wants to bring over 25 years of expertise and wellness passion to your site no matter your size or budget.

Let FitTec develop wellness at your worksite by delivering a wide variety of health & fitness services. For about a $180 a day for some locations you can offer your employees a complete wellness experience, from motivational programs to chair massage. We just don’t make your employees healthier we make them more productive through our combined individualized and team approach. You don’t even need equipment or a dedicated space. Plus, when working with FitTec you get committed quality. You get the two owners, who have masters degrees, advanced certifications, and a muscle therapy license, as well as years of experience on site managing your program (see Meet the Staff).

Assure Productivity

It is easy to understand how a corporate health & wellness programs can make your employees healthy. FitTec goes beyond fitness by offering our Productivity Assurance Program. See how No other fitness company we know of offers such a multidisciplinary program.


Currently FitTec's Corporate Health & Fitness Program, which

We are currently looking to increase our corporate client base. Due to our desire for high quality and success we are limited to a small number of corporate sites. We will be taking on just a limited number of new clients in Fall of 2016.

may include health coaching, business therapeutic chair massage and body work, motivational programs, fitness orientations, individualized fitness training and programming, exercise classes, fitness evaluations, lunch and learn lectures, and weight loss programming (such as their own Calorie Watchers Weight Loss Group) has been on site continuously for an amazing 18 years at one corporate location, 6 years at another, and more than 3 years at two other locations.


FitTec designs and delivers innovative and affordable worksite health & fitness programs that show measurable results.


National Consumer Research Institute Predicts Top Five Health Trends for 2013

The number 2 listed health trend is workplace wellness. More info. 



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Productivity Assurance Program

Starting a FitTec Wellness Program

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FitTec’s Corporate Health & Fitness Services


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