FitTec’s Corporate Health & Fitness Rates and Services

FitTec will custom design and implement a wellness program for your site based on your needs employing our varied services. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality and are not top heavy with management. We can make things happen fast while giving you the best value.

We provide more program for less.

We are a hybrid provider, which means we offer a wide variety of services under one umbrella.

We have a select client base taking care of just a few sites at a time.

We try to be a one stop shop providing; health coaching, unique evaluations, educational lunch and learns, fitness classes, motivational programs, ergonomic education, and body work.

Health Coaching and other FitTec services impact the social network of a company positively.


Rates may change based on distance and staffing

$60 within a 5 mile radius of our office in Southborough Ma

$65 within 5-15 miles from our office

$75 within 20-25 miles from our office

with a 3 hour daily commitment at 1-4 session per week; slightly higher rates farther away.

Make up your own Daily Session.

Example Daily Session

  1. 30 minute Calorie Watchers Program (our own weight loss and activity support group)

  2. 2 hours health coaching or chair massage (8-10 people served)

  3. 30 minute fitness class (wide offering of intro classes)

  4. 30 minutes for general evaluations or ergonomics assessments

  5. Tailor to your needs and site.

  6. Perfect solution for small (50 employees) to mid-size (300 employees) sites.


Pick from the variety of services that we offer. Remember a dedicated space is not needed.

Individualized to Team Approach

This term describes how FitTec brings wellness to a corporate site. We like to start at the individual level by having all employees interested in wellness to go through one of our health & fitness assessments; some just take several minutes while others take no more than thirty minutes. Working at the individual level allows us to identify what an employee is most in need of and steer them into one of our programs or develop one for them. After engaging an employee we can typically get them to participate in one of our team programs (motivational programs, wellness lectures, or fitness classes). Often these employees will spur others to participate which creates a team environment.

Productivity Assurance Program-Very unique program designed by FitTec; see separate page Click on link for details.

Health & Wellness Programs

Lunch and Learns

Chris and Jen Morin are both seasoned public speakers. We offer numerous lunch and learns and other lectures on varied topics. We can customize a talk for your needs. Click on link for details

Chair Massage & Body Work

The benefits of chair massage in the workplace has been documented in recent research studies. This is a great corporate benefit that gets immediate results. Click on link for details

Health Coaching

Most of Americans spend the majority of their waking hours at work, which gives employers a great chance to develop a culture of health that impacts employees which may spill over into their families. Weekly health coaching sessions of just 15 minutes can impact health and wellness easily and effectively. Click on link for details

Calorie Watchers Weight Loss Support Group

FitTec’s own truly unique program. This weight loss program goes beyond other programs; it includes biometrics, exercise plans, behavioral change, and educational support throughout. Click on link for details

Stress Management and Relaxation Series

Relaxation and stress management series dedicated to the development of the connection of the mind to body.

Ergonomic Workshops

Simple solutions to avoid injuries and keep your body resilent in the workplace, at home, or while playing a sport. Topics range from back, neck, knee, and shoulder care.

Couch to 5k

A group motivational program that FitTec has put its own twist on, which teaches people how to walk/jog safely with a goal of covering a 5k distance by the end of the program (9-15 weeks). Click on link for details

Motivational Programs

  1. Know your Body Campaign-Click on link for details

  2. 10 Minutes to a Healthier You: A Three Part, Nine Week Program. Every 3 weeks take part in a daily 10 minute sessions to invoke a healthier you. Part 1: Relaxation Part 2: Formal Movement Part 3: Posture techniques

• Biggest Loser Contest-Group weight loss challenge-Click on link for details

  1. 15 for 15 Activity Monitor-15 minutes a day for 15 weeks Behavioral Change Activity Program-Click on link for details

  2. Vegetable Challenge-Most Americans eat less than 2 vegetables a day. This program commits employees to consuming 5 servings of vegetables a day for 10 weeks. Similar in design to above program; typically offered after one of our nutrition programs- Click link for details

• Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Weight Maintenance Program-Click on link for details

• Healthy Step Challenge-Click on link for details

  1. Healthy Journal Challenge-Food Journalling is a proven Health Changing Program-Click link for details

  2. New You Program-A scaled down individualized, behavioral change, wellness program geared at the least amount of activity to have an effect.

  3. Recess and Fitness Events-We have put on Boot Camp Days, Recess Days, and 5K Fun Walk/Run Events

Health Fairs

We can offer some of our Minute FitChecks at health fairs or short Qs and As sessions.

Small Fitness Center Floor Plan Design-If you have the room, at least 300 square feet, we can help design a gym floor plan that can serve several people at a time; equipped under $5k, adequately equipped for under $10k (300 square feet), nicely equipped for under $25k (1500 square feet). We will help you get the best price and selection when it comes to equipment; we know what gets used and what machines last. Very large gym design is the one area that is out of expertise.

FitTec Webpage Development for each Corporate Site-Some corporate sites allow us to have a webpage describing the FitTec events goings on at the site (free with each corporate site). See example of a site

Ergonomic Assessments-coming soon

CPR and First Aid Training-coming soon

Fitness Programs

Our fitness practices and programs have worked extremely well at corporate sites, multiple gyms, and our own training facilities. Our classes can accommodate as many as the allocated room can safely manage. We pride ourselves on efficient, fluid fitness training practices and programs where we can train work with fairly large groups of people.

Fitness Classes-Click on link for details

Fitness Related Evaluations-FitTec has an evaluation for every body -Click on link for details

Fitness Training-Click on link for details

FitTec’s WebCoach-FitTec’s online web training service-Click on link for details

Fitness Related Health Coaching-Most of the programs above have health coaching built into it. Example - during a chair massage conversation is directed at the employees health and wellness.

Fitness Equipment Suggested Maintenance-We also will make sure if you have exercise equipment that we follow the regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment while on site.

If you have a Fitness Room see Fitness Room scope of daily work page (scope)


FitTec focuses on the latest wellness knowledge and its distribution, employing consistent, safe, effective wellness practices following accepted AHA, ACE, ACSM and NSCA guidelines. *

*American Heart Association (AHA), American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).


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