FitTec’s Health Coaching


FitTec Corporate Health Coach

Having a FitTec Health Coach on-site your employees will have a dedicated resource available to them to help them on their way to wellness through a systematic plan built on one on one coaching.

FitTec Health Coaches utilize a systematic, multi-disciplinary program that has something for every body (see program). FitTec also has a systematic plan for Fat Loss (see program).

Use a Health Coach if you are looking to get healthy and lose weight, but not interested in a fitness program right now. Health Coaches lead and support clients to achieve their wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior modifications. To gain a higher level of Fitness use our Fitness Coaching Program.

Two Choices

Health Coach Fat Loss Program

Health Coach Multi-Disciplinary Program

FitTec Corporate Health Coach Program Focuses on 5 Major Employee’s Outcomes


    To Improve Overall Physical Well-being


    To Increase both Personal and Work Vitality


    Understand, Control, and Work with It


   Understand and Prevent it


   By working on all of the above Productivity may be assured



Health Coaching